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The oneye project has been discontinued. You might not expect further fixes and support from us. All community related systems are set to read-only mode. Though feel free to download and use oneye as-is or even fork it over at GitHub.

#1 Re: Bug Reports » templates not working » 2017-10-09 18:04:40


the themes infrastructure changed slightly, but at central position with one of the last releases, I'm sorry.

#3 Re: Development » Old eyepackage files search // Avis de recherche d' eyepackage » 2017-08-26 21:23:33


that GitHub link shows me a 403. As first take, please check out - the default repository, containing the latest translations and all applications of, which still worked at the time of setting up the repository.

#5 Re: Community » code enhancements » 2017-07-25 09:13:31

That'd be really great - and would allow you to update to the latest oneye release smile

Best'd be to create many small pull requests at GitHub, so I can accept them and they're immediatly available in the oneye code. Do you know how to accomplish that?

#6 Re: Help & Support » wird oneye noch gepflegt? Is oneye still maintained? » 2017-07-23 12:31:37

Hi Ronny,

please try out 0.9.6 Preview. It comes with a preconfigured repository, allowing you to access a small bunch of additional applications (and system translations). oneye is the direct successor of eyeos 1.9.

I'm sorry to say, oneye is discontinued, though you still get support here in the forums and via facebook. From time to time I even fix some smaller bugs.

#7 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED] Application Repositories Not Working » 2017-07-23 12:16:16

Version "0.9.6 Preview" contains all the latest GitHub changes already. After installing that version, login, open "eyeSoft" (e.g. via "Launch App") and click "Update".

If that doesn't work, validate the repositories via System Preferences. There you should see "". If not, just add it to the list.

Please click "Test" (System Preferences > Repositories) to make sure your web server reaches the repository. If you do not see a notification "File can be downloaded successfully.", check the PHP setting "allow_url_fopen". It should be "On".

#9 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED] Application Repositories Not Working » 2017-03-13 09:17:36

This should have been fixed for the latest GitHub revision.

#11 Re: Help & Support » Package Manager does not populate » 2016-11-20 16:52:25

Okay, just got some minutes to set up a new repository. Simply update your repositories and some packages should be shown. Though I needed to remove a lot broken applications, sorry for that.

#12 Re: Help & Support » Package Manager does not populate » 2016-11-20 13:23:56

Out repository links to the original eyeos one, which has been closed a while ago, sorry.

#13 Re: Help & Support » New install, blank screen » 2016-11-12 01:47:15

The installer is included in the releases archives only. In order to run the latest GitHub sources you might need to adjust the owner and/or permissions for the system directory (recursively).

#14 Re: Community » new project involving oneye » 2016-04-17 11:19:04

eyeNav proxies are PHP proxy scripts, which receive the calling url and parents as regular HTTP request and then forward it via the internet connection of the server.

#15 Re: Community » new project involving oneye » 2016-04-14 20:17:44

Welcome DP,

you can define default autorun applications. Calling a document isn't possible for now.
In order to use IRC, you best create an iframe application, yes.

You can use the tool "eyeEmbedder" to create an iframe application. That might be the easiest way to create an application though.

#16 Re: Help & Support » howto use hidden files in File Manager » 2016-04-07 09:09:03

Hi mrhbit,

that's pretty ugly, but check out the latest revision at GitHub. I fixed it, thanks for reporting.

#17 Re: Community » eyeos 2.5 error » 2016-02-10 09:39:04

I'm sorry, but these forums are about eyeos 1.* and oneye only.

#18 Re: Help & Support » site5 to update php by end of year » 2015-11-25 13:45:33

Just use the latest PHP version you can get wink

#19 Re: Development » Cpatcha for eyeLogin » 2015-10-28 22:32:51

1. Generate that code when creating the login window. Save it in the server-side session variables.
2. Show that captcha using an oneye event: Use the url "'index.php?checknum=' . $checknum . '&msg=EVENT_NAME&' . time()" and define that EVENT_NAME event in the events.eyecode. Take the "getWallpaper" event of eyeDesk as an example.
3. Validate the user input when logging in / registering.

#20 Re: Development » Cpatcha for eyeLogin » 2015-10-26 15:40:58

I refer to … 2594#p2594 . Use that first file to show the captcha and that events.eyecode to check for a valid input.

#21 Re: Development » Embeded new font » 2015-10-26 15:39:29

Where did you place that "fonts" folder? I recommend you to use either "system/extern/apps/eyeX/themes/[THEME_NAME]/fonts" or "system/extern/apps/eyeX/fonts".

That first one could be linked using "index.php?theme=USERTHEME&extern=fonts/[...]", the second one using "index.php?extern=apps/eyeX/fonts/[...]".

#22 Re: Development » New filed for Users » 2015-10-26 15:34:31

Sorry for that late answer. You're absolutely right to modify that "um" (users management) service. In order to minimize problems when updating oneye, I recommend you to create an additional storage for those things, but don't mind.

#23 Re: Development » more about eyeLinks » 2015-10-26 15:32:42

Can't be. After creating a blank link using addLink, editLink's started. Should be no difference in the list of icons.

Do you have an example? I didn't see any difference.

#24 Re: Development » Language packs for the oneye » 2015-10-26 15:30:04

Actually that's it: Create a folder called "langs" inside that application and start a new "[LANG_CODE].eyecode" file. Please send me that a package of your application including those not-working language files. I'll take a look at them.

Creating an eyePackage file is quite easy. Use your favorite files explorer or archiver (not the oneye ones!) and create a tar.gz file of all files below "system_xxxxxxxxxx". Afterwards (better do it before archiving, but afterwards might be easier for first) open that archive and remove all files and folders you didn't modify. Save and rename that tar.gz file to an eyePackage file.

#25 Re: Development » what selection option is active? » 2015-10-21 08:46:05

Sorry for this late answer. I just don't check the forums that regularly for new posts.

There are different ways to accomplish this: Either preload all data or refresh the current screen and load that data from the server. That later one would be the easiest I guess. And it's the original eyeos way of doing this:

global $checknum;

$mySelect = new Select( [...] );


$eventFunction = 'sendMsg(' . $checknum . ',"eventName",' . $mySelect->getSyncString() . ' + ' . $mySelect->friends . ';

$mySelect->addEvent('onchange', $eventFunction);
$mySelect->addEvent('onkeydown', $eventFunction);

I didn't test this, I'm on the way to work, just on phone!

Don't hesitate to ask further questions!

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