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The oneye project has been discontinued. You might not expect further fixes and support from us. All community related systems are set to read-only mode. Though feel free to download and use oneye as-is or even fork it over at GitHub.

#1 Re: Help & Support » Oneye in Ubuntu 11.10 » 2012-04-15 15:06:53

Hello again smile

I just want to let you now that the oneye now my ubuntu server 11.10 is working properly. The Office Support is working now. Not sure either, but i think the problem earlier relies on the folder permisson. So, after i install the Xvfb, and i run the chown command, and now its working. Thank you for the support guys. I think either the oneye application it self and the community support of this application should be a great example of how the open source application/community should be.
Great app and great community support...!!!

Thank you once again!!!

#2 Re: Help & Support » Oneye in Ubuntu 11.10 » 2012-03-30 06:06:55

Yes, thats the error message that i got. but since i also not considering to use the eyemail so i ignore it and continue the installation. smile

ok, i've tried to run the soffice in headless mode but i still coudn't get the office support works. i can save documents in .doc and .odt but when i tried to open it, this message shown in the eyevisor instead of what i've saved:

Warning: fread() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var/www/eyeos/eyexxxxxxxxxx/apps/eyeVisor/events.eyecode on line 82 Warning: fclosed() expects parameter 1 to be resource. boolean given in/var/www/eyeos/eyexxxxxxxxxx/apps/eyeVisor/events.eyecode on line 83.

and when i click the edit button, the oneye give me a notification that i should enable the office support.
any solution what i should do with the eyeVisor's events.eyecode?

#3 Re: Help & Support » Oneye in Ubuntu 11.10 » 2012-03-29 10:13:48

s0600204 wrote:

Hi redfan9,

Firstly, what is the exact error you get from sqlite? As far as I know it shouldn't impair oneye, but it is a dependency of Open/LibreOffice.

it says that i haven't install the sqlite but i already installed it. idk, but it seems oneye installer couldn't detect my sqlite...

Also, you don't need to run the Xvfb command if you're running Ubuntu (desktop). Xvfb provides something called an X-server. It is upon an X-server that the GUI of Ubuntu (desktop) is built. As Ubuntu (desktop) comes with a service that already provides an X-server, Xvfb is not needed. It is needed on an Ubuntu (server) without a running GUI however.

So, if i dont need to run the Xvfb, how do i run the office support for oneye? just run the soffice in headless mode like in windows platform? or is it because the sqlite error so the oneye could detect my office support config.
i already copy the eyeos.xba and edit the script.xlb but the office support still not work.

Secondly, yes, just copy the files across. Treat it like you're installing it on a remote server half-way across the world if that helps.

alrite, i'll try this after the desktop version works big_smile

Thirdly, the reason why LibreOffice is installed when you tell Ubuntu to apt-get is because OpenOffice was removed and replaced with LibreOffice in Ubuntu 11.04. You can still get OpenOffice by downloading it directly from the developers' website: (You'll want the "Linux Intel DEB" if you're running Ubuntu 32-bit, or "Linux x86-64 DEB" if you're running Ubuntu 64-bit.). That said, LibreOffice should work (it does for me).

Hope this helps.

Ok, this really helps.

anyway, your libreoffice works for the office support? the path for copy the eyeos.xba is different with openoffice, right?! is it matter? do i have to change some scripts for eyeDocs to read the correct path?

#4 Re: Help & Support » Oneye in Ubuntu 11.10 » 2012-03-27 10:03:00

it's been a while since i posted this topic but i just couldn't tried it at the time because of some works. But now, i got some time to explore again oneye and tried to install it on my ubuntu.

Currently, i have two Ubuntu 11.10 (i guess i wrote the wrong topic title, sorry wink ) machine running, the desktop version (with GUI) and the server version (without GUI).

First, i tried to install it on the desktop version, the installation progress got some error with the sqlite but i ignore that and continue the installation then i got the oneye running. Then i tried the office support and i can't get it works. i've enable the office support as it instructed ini here :
is it because the sqlite? i tried to re-install the sqlite but it still give me the same error when i tried to re-install the oneye. any solution to make the office support works?

and everytime i run the Xvfb command "Xvfb :1 -ac -screen 0 800x600x16 -fbdir /tmp &"
it always prompt me an error

Fatal Server Error:
Cannot establish any listening sockets - Make sure an X server isn't already running.

Second, i want to tried the oneye on my ubuntu server, but it didn't come with the GUI, so i got confused how to install oneye on it. big_smile
how do i install the oneye on the server version? just download and copy the to the www folder and simply extract it?

Third, any trick to install openoffice3 on ubuntu 11.10? because every time i tried to install it with apt-get install it always install the libreoffice instead.

#5 Help & Support » Oneye in Ubuntu 11.10 » 2012-02-26 22:16:03

Replies: 10

Hi all, it's me again... smile

Previously i've succesfully installed the oneye on my windows system and it works just great. And now i'm trying to move/change my system into the newest version of ubuntu 10.11. yesterday i've succesfully installed a fresh ubuntu 10.11 and just update all the software packages via the update manager. so now i'm looking for some help here:
1. installation documentation that i could use to install oneye in my new ubuntu 10.11 system.
2. the new ubuntu is using LibreOffice, is that would be a problem with the oneye's office support? if it yes, any solution to make it works?

thanks before.


#6 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED] Logout stuck when sound is disabled and can't upload file >8MB » 2012-02-15 00:15:41

Hey guys, it works fine now... smile

It's so stupid that i forgot to restart the webserver after i change the php.ini configuration.
I was so sleepy at that time when i tested the config and forgot to restart the apache service. When i check again at the phpinfo() i still got 8M at the post_max_size value and i realize that i forgot to restart the service. And after i restart i works fine now.

Thank you s0600204 and also thanks Lars...!!! smile

#7 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED] Logout stuck when sound is disabled and can't upload file >8MB » 2012-02-14 20:06:45

i've tried to change the post_max_value to 50M but still got error when i want to upload a file bigger that 8 MB... sad

#8 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED] Logout stuck when sound is disabled and can't upload file >8MB » 2012-02-14 19:55:58

s0600204 wrote:

where exactly i should check those values? at my php.ini file?

Or using the phpinfo() function, yes.

alright, the upload_max_size value is 128M and the post_max_size value is 8M, so that should be the problem, right? smile
i'll try to change and test it first if this would solve the problem. smile

#9 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED] Logout stuck when sound is disabled and can't upload file >8MB » 2012-02-14 19:13:52

s0600204 wrote:

Hi redfan9, welcome back.

The bug where the logout sticks can be fixed locally by changing line 35 of [eyeroot]/apps/exit/app.eyecode from

$timeout = '0';


$timeout = '1';

I will commit this to svn soon.

As to the file upload limit: what are the values of upload_max_filesize and post_max_size on your php installation?

And for slightly quicker communication, we do have an IRC channel on freenode: #oneye. Although there isn't always anyone on it, it may prove to be a useful place to look for help. If you don't have an irc client, you can go to and connect via that (Enter '#oneye' into 'channels' and, for clarity, use your username here as your nickname there).

hi s0600204, thanks for your assist!!! it help me fix the sound problem.

As to the file upload limit: what are the values of upload_max_filesize and post_max_size on your php installation?

where exactly i should check those values? at my php.ini file?

#10 Bug Reports » [FIXED] Logout stuck when sound is disabled and can't upload file >8MB » 2012-02-14 12:53:59

Replies: 14

Hi all, it's me again. smile

Recently i found some bug(s) while i'm using oneye. First, i got stuck when i want to logout from oneye, this is happen after i disable the sound notification, when i turn it on again, and i can logout succesfully. Second, i'm testing the upload feature but then i found this error that i couldn't upload file bigger than >8MB, i tried upload file <8 MB's size and it success, but it give me error when i upload it bigger than 8MB. I don't know why, but at the upload dialog box(?) it shows that max filesize allowed is 128MB. anybody could help me fix this?

I'm really enjoy using oneye and now i'm trying to implement this oneye at my school so that the students could use this as their cloud storage. So, can anybody inform me how to get a fast response help support? via MSN/YM will do.. thank you smile

#11 Re: Help & Support » Office 2007 documents » 2012-02-07 09:40:06

Alright, i've been tested the OpenOffice support in my windows system an it works!. I don't know either, i just installed a fresh OOo 3.0 and follow the instruction how to set the office support and it works. Now i can create file, edit the file, and even i already tested to import the document to WinWord 2003 format, and i can view and edit the file. It just "magically" works fine now.

I dont know also because i'm running the apache service with my local computer privileges because i couldn't log in with the administrator. the last thing that i check was to make sure that my OOo daemon was running in headless mode then i restart the apache service and then "BAM!!!" everything works. smile

i tested the office support with Windows 7 Pro (64bit), Open Office 3.0, and Oneye 0.8.0

lars-sh wrote:

but I'd like to allow OOo / LO to work with the server user's rights... Any ideas?

what do you mean by "the server user's rights..." sir?

#12 Re: Help & Support » Office 2007 documents » 2012-01-19 18:20:37

lars-sh wrote:

Nice to see you here.

oneye 0.8 provides low office compatibility only. I was able to get office support working with 2.x. It'd be interesting to create a new / LibreOffice connector for PHP and get it working with Apache and IIS. Currently the connector does not work for Apache under Windows system, cause of its right management that I'm not familiar with.

So right now there's no support for any new formats - sadly.

Really? So this openoffice support cannot work with Apache under Windows?
Currently i'm using the latest oneye (as you suggest in my thread before smile ) and the latest OpenOffice version but still can't get a chance to test it under my system which i run oneye on my XAMPP server under Windows platform.
This is sad news to me because i really need the office support though. Any recommendation for other alternative office apps so that i can open and edit *.doc and/or *.odt in oneye?

Currently i'm trying to use oneye on my schooll's intranet as an online documents storage for students so they can save all their homework files on their personal oneye account. So, i really need help here. smile

#13 Re: Help & Support » Windows Installation OnEye 1.8/1.9 » 2011-12-08 19:07:46

Ansem wrote:

You need a webserver, seeing as how you didn't even figure that one out, I'm strongly suggesting it's not something for you to try, it will take a lot of time and frustrations without the basic principles of websites and hosting.
If you however, still want to, take not it'll take some time and effort.

For you, look up WAMP and also look at "webserver on pc" "apache and php"

lars-sh wrote:

Hi Mad,

in order to run oneye 0.8 (previously eyeos 1.9) you need to run a web server and PHP 5. Just download the latest Release Candidate from . The final release of oneye 0.8 shouldn't change in relevant places. That package comes with a readme file, that explains the further installation. It's mainly extracting the files and calling the installer. Our installer does nearly everything for you ;-) ...

Please, tell us if you need some more help.

i'm sorry guys, i assuming you get a misunderstanding about my problem. it's my fault.

it's not that i don't know about the basic thing installing the oneye, i mean, i'm majoring IT too now in my university. i've wrote before that i've try and success installed the eyeos 2.5 in my WinXP machine but it doesn't work well so that i'm trying to install oneye instead. and because of that i'm assuming that you guys know that i've passed the basic thing, such as installing a webserver with PHP 5, mysql, etc. i'm really sorry bout that. i should explain it clearly in the first place.

So, here is my problem guys, i've downloaded the oneye from the link that the admin gave me and installed that in my XAMPP webserver (of course it also came with PHP 5), but after i run the oneye i just get that i couldn't make a new document with eyeDocs app. i don't know what really happen because the app is working but it just cannot save the document i made. it give me error message:

EyeErrorException : mkdir() [<a href:"function.mkdir"</a>]: No such a file or directory.

anyone know how to solve it?

i thought it was about the permission, but then i check the chmod permission, but also that is no problem with that. so i get no clue to solve this problem. i'm assuming i've not installed oneye properly so that i want to know about the installation documentation of the oneye since it's wiki page still underconstruction. i've installed the oneye 0.8 using eyeos 2.3 installation documentation that i've found in the eyeos forums.

thanks before.


#14 Help & Support » Windows Installation OnEye 1.8/1.9 » 2011-12-07 07:42:47

Replies: 4

Hi All.

My name is Mad and i'm a newbie user of OnEye.
Lets get down to the main point.
So, first of all i just found that there are differences between the 2.x and 1.x of EyeOS.
Since i know about EyeOS first, so i've tried the 2.x versions. but this 2.x version is not work well with my Windows XP machine and then i read some articles in the explaining that there are different architecture between 1.x and 2.x
So, here i am want to try the 1.x version. i've downloaded the lastest version of OnEye at and i will apply it on my Windows XP machine.

The problem is i can't found any documentations about how-to install this 1.x version or i just could use the Manual Documentation for windows at
i mean, since it has a different arch so i think OnEye also have different pre-installation equipment to configure so that it can run well on Windows.

Pardone me for my poor english and Thanks before.


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