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The oneye project has been discontinued. You might not expect further fixes and support from us. All community related systems are set to read-only mode. Though feel free to download and use oneye as-is or even fork it over at GitHub.

#1 Re: Bug Reports » Window, button disappears on small screens » 2015-12-26 12:38:34

Thanks, but I don't really know anything about CSS.  Could you send the modified code to my email (wolf1 at ecity dot net) or post it to the fb group file section?

#2 Re: Help & Support » how to install and use eyeos apps » 2015-12-12 20:53:15

I'm leaning more and more toward app virtualization. I tested cameyo virtualization on ubuntu with wine and PCbsd (both under VMware) yesterday.  PCbsd wouldn't run cameyo.exe, but runs the virtual apps under firefox with no problems, ubuntu with wine runs parts of the cameyo.exe and grudgingly runs the apps, but it does work.  If you check out the facebook group, I post screen shots and comments of my latest experiments on a semi-regular basis.  As a side note- cameyo is based on open source.  There's a packet on github if someone is able to mod and tweak the code to work better with oneye.

#3 Re: Help & Support » how to install and use eyeos apps » 2015-12-12 19:50:39

Your Linux_Libre Office solution sounds similar to the unoconv sultion.  Unfortunately, when I asked my live hosting company about it, they said, I'm not allowed to implement that sort of solution without considerably more investment in hosting services. Currently, I'm running Win 10 with IIS10 for my localhost test bed, however, my live hosting provider uses Centos5.11.  They do not always act the same, so I may set up an old laptop as localhost server with Centos 5.11 on it. I just don't have time to reformat and install the software on the laptop or space to put it right now. 

I am on OS1 almost 80-90% of the time.  Although I sometimes still forget, I try to check the board and internal message systems regularly.  I also have an eyePad setup where we can chat and edit text collaboratively, if we are able to establish time to meet up there.   If you have access to fb or fb messenger for desktop, it's the only chat protocol I still use.

I'm starting to get to the point where my other projects are starting to suffer from lack of attention.

#4 Re: Development » How to add packages to oneye » 2015-12-09 11:26:05

This might cheer you up a little.  It helped me.  smile … e=56D7730F

It's an unretouched screen shot, and seriously, I did not photoshop this.  It shows my OS1/onEye installation running fbMessenger and Opera simultaneously, both in frames, both were launched from app icons in the app folder.  Ah, virtualization, when it all works the way it's supposed to, it is so awesome, but the other 80% of the time, it's agonizingly slow and glitchy!  For enough money per month, however, I'm pretty much convinced now that a company could virtualize any app you wanted to run in eyeFrames.  I've seen prices ranging $10 - $25 per month and higher. Since even the OS is virtualized, you can have your choice from the best of both worlds.  GiMP running alongside MS Word would be fairly easy, but they probably wouldn't even know the other existed.

#5 Re: Help & Support » how to install and use eyeos apps » 2015-12-09 00:46:35

Dang, I almost forgot.  There might be a native way to be MS Office compatible again using a package called phpOffice on gitHub.  I played around with this idea a little bit and honestly it seemed promising.  However, I didn't have any assistance to figure this out, so I couldn't get over the major hurdle.  phpOffice is a collection of libraries, that are full of functions needed by the office suite, but I never could find an interface.  Our own eyeDoc interface might work (probably with just a few additional buttons and modifications).  I would consider it a sort eyeDoc 2.0 if it did. 

Then there is ckEdit.  ckEdit is featured in 4 of the eyeLinks I dropped into the public folder last night. It has gotten so good that it is now the default editor installed with for Wordpress.  I didn't double check, but I think that's the big CMS that adopted it completely. Though it is distributed in three standard and ready made packages, ckEdit is entirely configurable with about 1000 or more plugins to mix and match.  Be warned that if you do what I did and select every single plugin for your custom build, the monster won't run.

I guess the point is that it may be possible for a properly configured ckEdit to pass as a good enough Word Processor for most, OR it may also be possible that ckEdit's highly configurable interface options would make it ideally suited as the interface for phpWord.

If I knew more about how to code php, especially that part about calling library functions, I would either be knee deep into eyeDocs 2.0 or would have already figured out that it was a dead end.

#6 Re: Help & Support » how to install and use eyeos apps » 2015-12-09 00:00:54

You must be a linux guy as I know that GTK probably stands for Gnome Tool Kit, but beyond that, linux and I never got along much.  I have at least a dozen linux systems setup under VMware for testing purposes, but I just don't quite understand the system like I should.  The one I use most often is ubuntu, which I updated the other day to 15.10 before trying to install some virtualization software and other window tools under wine. I didn't have any luck yet, but the problem was that I couldn't remember the procedure to install a new unsupported program to wine.  I'll just have to try again in another day or two.

But back to your question, if you can get libre office to integrate with oneye AND stay in an eyeFrame even during logon and not require software to be installed onto your host's server root, THEN I am sure that libre office would be fine for what most folks need to do with it.  Additionally, Libre Office is the "solution" that is currently implemented using Python(I think so, but didn't double check), but his solution requires additional download for oneye (unoconv) and installation of the libre office software to the server root, and my host provider is not too keen on letting me do anything like that without a serious upgrade to my account. 

Unfortunately, even if my hosting company would allow me to install the current solution, none of the open source clones are good enough for the kind of work that I do.  I need the real MS Word to get the formatting right every time.  I cannot afford to have the formatting thrown off every time I open the doc because I or an associate decides to open and save it using one clone or another...  So after trying about a half dozen or so alternatives and discarding them, and then trying to create a virtual copy of MS Office that would run in an eyeFrame, I ended up pretty much where I should have started- at MS Office Online and the OneDrive cloud. The free online version of Word is just almost as crappy as any of the clones but will (under the right conditions) open a doc from your oneDrive with the copy of Word that you have installed on your HD.  Office Online works best if you have recent MS office installed (2003+, but that might have changed since I checked it about 5 days ago).  Since I still use Word 2000, I had problems with every browser except MSIE. I did not want to change to MSIE as my main browser, so I looked for another solution and found two browser extensions available for Chrome, Opera and Firefox that when used in conjunction fixed the problems (or like I said, this method did fix them about 5 days ago, but things can change in the blink of an eye).  One of the extensions is the "Open Office" extension and the other is "ie.Tabs" extension.  There is also an "Open in ieTab" extension, but if you have the former, the latter is not needed and becomes incompatible.  In Firefox, there are at least two versions of each of these extensions. I think only one of them actually worked for me.  If you need I can check my setup and tell ya which one I setup.

And finally, there was once an app that seamlessly integrated eyeOS and zoho docs.  I almost went with zoho docs, but trying to rewrite the app to work with zoho again, 5 years later and with a totally different interface seemed like it would be more work than just finding something else.

Sorry for the long post (again), but like usual, I wanted to give my 2 cents but ended up putting in a buck fifty.

#7 Re: Help & Support » how to install and use eyeos apps » 2015-12-08 11:09:56

I have eyeOS2.5 (2.0 also I think)  but they are completely incompatible.  I tried to install a browser for eyeOS2.5, not even close.  I will add you to the Development group on OS1. I have a recent mirror of the system in there.

#8 Re: Development » How to add packages to oneye » 2015-12-06 13:53:37

I think some of it will be extremely difficult to implement, but not all. I'm not trying to scare you off completely, just sort of ready you for reality of the situation.  For example, we barely have office doc support, and you want desktop publishing.  Me too.  Closest I got so far is an app that will convert eyeDoc format to PDF.  And my books have way too complicated formatting for an eyedoc.  Some things which would have been easy to implement, just 4 or 5 years ago, now won't work because things have changed so much.  This year especially google has started flexing its new muscles and knocking off plugins one after another.  It's like building a castle on the beach sometimes.  Hang in there.  Perhaps Lars will give you a better answer, unfortunately, we haven't heard much from him for almost a month.

#9 Re: Development » How to add packages to oneye » 2015-12-06 01:38:59

It's a pretty good list and sounds great, but what you are asking for ranges in difficulty from not that much, to pretty much impossible. The only one in your list that is currently on my personal radar is pixlr. There's an old app that integrated pixlr with the vfs. There are three different versions of pixlr now, and the vfs interface doesn't work anymore. The three apps work fine inside frames, but I haven't had time to work on repairing the interface between pixlr and oneye's vfs. If indeed that is still possible.  The only (other) problem with pixlr (and more than a few others on your list) is that they rely on flash, or maybe even java, and google has decided to kill flash and java and some other really cool web stuff. Popcornjs may not work.  If it uses mozilla npapi, google is killing that too.

#10 Re: Bug Reports » Window, button disappears on small screens » 2015-12-06 01:23:03

Yeah, the full screen and help icons in the toolbar below, disappear also, just by making their frame too small. You may already know this, but if it helps, you can close that window by clicking/dbl clicking the tiny icon in the title bar.

#11 Re: Help & Support » how to install and use eyeos apps » 2015-12-05 11:26:59

Just FYI, I finally got my system set back with all of its custom tweaks and a mix of old and new apps, a few apps worth sharing, a few more still on the drawing board.  I can provide any codes or themes you see on my site.  If you start trying to get some of the old apps to work on your own, I'll try to help you or at least figure out why it isn't working.  I also have all the old versions of eyeOS1.x installed on localhost, so I can usually test to see if it ever did run properly.

#12 Re: Help & Support » how to install and use eyeos apps » 2015-12-05 05:36:28

I started out this year downloading and attempting to install all of those apps.  Not all are available for download anymore, and a few are virus holes now.  However, I ended up with around 50 megs worth of apps and some themes.  Themes generally work, but you have to either rewrite or throw away any css that comes with it.  The old themes sometimes come with a lot of extraneous parts that would have been dealt with by the original css, and may be missing pieces called by oneye's css. Regarding the apps themselves, many (possibly even the majority) reference web services that have either failed or radically changed their api.  Those that are completely native and do not rely on 3rd party sites, often won't work because of deprecated features in the underlying php, js or html since the the app was written. Others will run but in a limited capacity and their function now violates stricter server restrictions and modern "security" rules.  A few of these older apps seem to run fine on first blush, but they have hidden glitches, the most common being a memory leak, but also missing gui elements or the inability to save a file.  Those that actually work straight from the box almost always rely on the soon-to-be-dead tech of either flash or java!  I've also fixed two apps to run properly and then Lars fixed something in the core and broke them again!  That's when I stopped installing and trying to fix the old apps and focused more on finding bugs in the core and looking for the next generation of apps.  I figure I'll get back to those old apps after the core is more stable.  I did have some running on my setup until today.  They updated my php from 5.3 to 5.5 and I had to uninstall all of them (except apps).  One or more of them have a BOM or other bad encoding, so now I need to check those apps, one file one at a time, until I find the bad encoding.

#13 Re: Community » Oneye has no alternative (weirdly) and its dead » 2015-11-25 15:24:02

I just realized I'm still running Chromixium.

#14 Re: Community » Oneye has no alternative (weirdly) and its dead » 2015-11-25 15:18:46

The internet is completely different than it was 5 years ago.  Especially with loading pages into eyeNav or eyeIframize. I estimate it like this, thousands of websites give warnings that they don't want to load in a frame but currently will do so anyway as long as you hit ignore, hundreds refuse to load at all giving just a blank page, a few score will automatically load into a new tab anyway, and a handful will actually just load on top of your oneye window, wiping out whatever you were working on, without warning. The Iframe method will eventually be only useful for your own hosted content. Almost everything else will be blocked. I set up the "hosted" directory for the purpose of hosting games, videos, entire websites and other apps.  I need to find a way to use cloud storage for this purpose so that I don't lose so much precious server space. I didn't understand all this at first, and I raged and argued with evreyone for a few months.  I tried a few proxies, but that was a very insecure and limited solution (many have limited or no java script support and other problems too). Another solution relied on Java applets to load pages into browsers on your HD, but Chrome has already dropped support for Java.  Then I thought one solution might be to intercept every incoming website in a cache, parse the code and strip out all of the code that was preventing the page from loading into a frame just before sending it to eyeNav or eyeIFramize.  My posts got deleted, I basically got laughed at a lot and I couldn't find any code that even attempted to do that, so eventually, I figured it must not be possible (or if it is possible it's way beyond me) and realized that the only way around the new restrictions is to give them what they want.  AND that's why I'm trying to develop apps that control popup windows. It's tricky as not every browser handles them exactly the same.  Peter was having trouble with them on a linux system.  He said something like, opening new tabs is a bad idea, as if his linux browser would not open a popup window and sent everything to a new tab regardless of the arguments being passed.  After getting his message, I tested my setup on Chromixium with Chromium, two older versions of linux/eyeos mashup systems running old non-updatable versions of firefox (one with linux 2.6 and eyeos1.2 installed, the other linux 3.0 with eyeos1.9) and one of my favorites, Icaros with its own browser called Odyssey.  They each acted differently depending on the browser and what version of browser.  It was hard to tell Chromixium with Chromium from Chrome or Chromium on the Windows system; they acted almost exactly the same.  The old versions of Firefox failed in numerous ways.  Icaros (not a linux distro) worked much as Peter implied, it would only load into tabs and not open a popup. I've never been a linux convert, as much as I have tried in the past to like it, I just can't stand it. However, I have at least a dozen modern versions of linux that I could test in, so hopefully, I will find out more from Peter as to what system and browser he is wanting to run it on.  I run Opera all the time, so generally, my site will be tweaked to run best with Opera. Maybe I need to code slightly different routines for each one and then switch to the best routine depending on the browser being used.  For Opera, eyeIframize will open certain video formats (with plugins ).  For others the same video will not play unless I load it into a window. For wmv specifically, I have to run the link thru the ieTab browser extension to get it to play. I also have to run MS office online through the ieTab extension so that my documents in the cloud can be opened with MS word on my HD.  Like I said , QUITE a bit has changed in 5 years, and it has really picked up speed.  The ground was literally shifting under my feet this year.  One day a site would load into a frame with just a little complaining, but the next day it loaded on top of the system without warning.  One day, a video or a game would play in Chrome, but the next chrome dropped support for that plugin or video format.  It was a lot of wasted effort sometimes. Switching to popup windows has saved me a pile of aggravation.  Now I can go to any website (banks, email, videos) without leaving oneye or risking my oneye session getting overwritten.

#15 Re: Community » Oneye has no alternative (weirdly) and its dead » 2015-11-24 19:52:44

Ok this looks like something wrong with my setup, the master still assigns "public".  I must have corrupted the config a little.  It's fixed now.

#16 Re: Community » Oneye has no alternative (weirdly) and its dead » 2015-11-24 18:51:24

Hmm, double checking with master, the group is called "public" so I need to check why the new user app is using "Public".  I have 30 users and about a third were in the incorrect group.

#17 Re: Community » Oneye has no alternative (weirdly) and its dead » 2015-11-24 17:57:51

Using switch user to look nto your newly created account, I just found another pretty bad glitch. Somewhere along the way, I changed "Public"  to "public".  Currently, it is "public", and most of my users are in the "public" group, yet the system put you in the non-existent "Public".  My windows local host doesn't seem to care about tense, but the live version won't let you or others in "Public" see the "public" folder. I'll see if I can manually fix this little mess for now.

#18 Re: Community » Oneye has no alternative (weirdly) and its dead » 2015-11-24 17:40:15

Peter, I sent you a couple of internal messages.  I use my "OS1" system every day, all day, for about 80% of my needs.

#19 Re: Community » Oneye has no alternative (weirdly) and its dead » 2015-11-24 17:27:11

You did not supply your email address with your login, but as you know we can communicate using internal messages.  Improving the login screen is another project.  I need to enforce and error check getting the user's email address and real name.  It would also help a lot to integrate facebook and google logins.  I've already started the process for facebook.

#20 Re: Community » Oneye has no alternative (weirdly) and its dead » 2015-11-24 17:23:28

I tried to use github, but just made an unusable mess, so I just give my best code and ideas to Lars to insert. The scalable background and the new embedder app are  collaborations between us.  Generally, I won't directly modify a core app, but I recently added a feature and fixed a glitch in eyeIframize.  I'm an old school, main frame programmer (Cobol, Assembler, CICS) but never coded a lick of php or js before 6 months ago, so I often struggle with simple syntax. 

Originally, I spent about 2 months tracking down and downloading every 3rd party app for old eyeos (about 50megs or so). I feel that at least a few are worthy of inclusion in core, some are already in my setup, but many still have bugs. I had to stop fixing these bugs for now, because I spent 3 days fixing some apps that broke again the next time Lars did an update to the core master.  I never know what Lars is going to have to do to core to fix a bug report that I make.  There are still a handful of glitches I would like fixed before going back to the app pool.  I do things like find a feature I want in a "third party" app like from or from a search of github and find a way to patch it into the existing structure. 

Thank you for taking time to look at my efforts.  I have some other apps in experimental stages that aren't available to normal users yet. There is one to try though, it's an (unfinished) expansion of eyeBrowse. While you are logged in, create a new eyeLink (Launcher) on the desktop call it eyeSurf and the command is:

This is completely written in javascript.  I started a native oneye php/js mashup, but got stuck on the syntax (I think it was syntax, not even sure).  I also tried to add an "are you sure?" requester, in case you hit the exit by mistake, but got stuck there also.

I also have about 2 dozen links to various web desktops that I haven't shared.  Some are open sourced on github, others are closed source (One of these include a LOT of the features I want to copy).

I would be happy to collaborate with others to get some of these apps (whether new or old) ready.

#21 Re: Community » Oneye has no alternative (weirdly) and its dead » 2015-11-23 20:57:51

Oh, I tried using github, but I just don't understand how it works, so I discuss coding and post some of my new apps over on the fb group that I started.  So really, before you throw in the towel, take a look at my setup at

#22 Re: Community » Oneye has no alternative (weirdly) and its dead » 2015-11-23 20:53:11

You obviously don't know all the crazy stuff I've been doing over the last 6 months.  I am keeping Lars busy and a little aggravated asking him to fix every little bug and glitch that I find.  Plus I've been begging for several new features, but I won't hold my breath on my feature requests. I'm simply trying to implement them myself. Meanwhile, I've also been developing next generation browsers and development apps that take the new BS "security" rules into account.  So it's been lying around in bed sick for 5 years, but it isn't quite dead yet.  To be honest I can name about a half dozen alternatives, because I have been testing them and getting ideas.  None have as many features as oneye, but a few have some awesome features that I am still trying to backward engineer.  If you are a php/js developer, then I need your help.  I tried contacting a few old community members to get them to help me, but they are ignoring me.

#23 Help & Support » Browser extension » 2015-11-23 20:45:19

Replies: 0

I was playing around last night and found some extensions for Chrome and Firefox that are useful to oneye.  Chrome extensions also work for Opera if you first install "Chrome Extensions for Opera" Extension.

The first is "Office Online" extension.  In Chrome and Opera this is a single extension which connects you to your onedrive files and opens them in your browser.  In Firefox, there are actually two similar extensions.

The second extension is even more helpful.  It is called "ieTab".  It runs the internet explorer engine inside your browser.  It will not load into a frame but you can specify certain files to always open using the extension.  So if I have a command like - … Nagare.wmv

EyeBrowse is a new app I wrote to open links in a popup window.  Opera won't play the wmv video, so I tell it to always open in "ieTab".  The popup window then opens running the extension and the video plays in Windows Media Player.  In addition, this extension allows a doc file from onedrive to be loaded into an older version of MS OFfice. I still have office2000, for instance.

There are at least 2 extensions similar to "ieTab" for Firefox also.

#24 Re: Development » My final Glitches and Bitches list » 2015-11-23 20:32:03

In my big list of glitches and bitches I asked about dependencies.  What about using Composer to handle that?

#25 Re: Help & Support » eyeVideo black window » 2015-11-17 23:43:33

Site5 is using (old) CentOS 5.5 server, and my localhost is windows/IIS10.  eyeVideo works with both servers, but I think it only plays mp4.  The "powers that be the internet" are quickly killing all the other formats that they can. I'm not sure why other web native formats (webm and ogv) won't play in eyeVideo. However, I had this similar problem (illustrated in facebook) a couple months ago. There was an update to the github master that fixed it for me. I just discussed playing other videos formats, like avi, mov and wmv, on fb today. The only option for many video formats now is to open them in either eyeNav or a popup window and let the bowser handle it with plugins or third party apps. In the worse case scenario using this method, the browser will simply download it. For some reason they will not play in eyeIframize, but will play in eyeNav set to default iframe mode.

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