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The oneye project has been discontinued. You might not expect further fixes and support from us. All community related systems are set to read-only mode. Though feel free to download and use oneye as-is or even fork it over at GitHub.

#1 2012-08-05 15:43:56

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Opening Source (again)

These days we are doing a huge step forwards to allow easy contribution in order to further improve oneye:

We are moving all of our sources to GitHub, giving everyone the possibility to open issues, fork the repository and -this probably the best improvement over SVN- request for pulling your own improvements into the official one.

There is not much to say, just click the following image and start...

Fork me on GitHub

Best regards,
Lars Knickrehm

The oneye project.


#2 2012-08-06 16:27:43

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Re: Opening Source (again)


Many thanks for that and the domain name wink (and sorry to be so far last weeks)


#3 2012-08-15 04:38:39

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Re: Opening Source (again)

Many thanks.
good luck.


#4 2012-09-05 10:22:32

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Re: Opening Source (again)

Thanks Lars, the site does not have any mention of the oneye project at all and all files from the SourceForge Repo have been deleted. There is no community edition link on the page.

Looks like the IBM and Gartner funding has enabled the Spanish Armada to hijack the eyeos name for good!

Contact them for a reciprocal link and a history page to enable the link to be established in case of any legal dispute later.

Searching for eyeos v1.x links has been somewhat of a treasure hunt. The corporate henchmen will no doubt wipe all traces of eyeos v1.x from the web soon.....

Just like what happened to Joomla from v1.6/7 to v2.5.x..... and FireFox v3.6.x to v15....

Smart Power at play - a Trillion dollar deficit currency (USD) heading for higher debts - pumped in to purchase open source real work globally! Other nations are now getting the cue - print more currency, invest in  defence, buy up the world....cycle. has a slide on EyeOS as taken over by IBM/Gartner Funding.

Hope the following are still relevant to the oneye project: … &Itemid=25 … nvironment … nches/1.9/


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