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The oneye project has been discontinued. You might not expect further fixes and support from us. All community related systems are set to read-only mode. Though feel free to download and use oneye as-is or even fork it over at GitHub.

#1 2013-01-18 02:08:14

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New: Preview Installer Creator

It has been quiet for a while, but as usual: "We are not dead!"

There has been some more requests about an installer for the latest oneye development repositories and tonight I finally worked out a simple bash script to create such installers.

But what is the point now? The point is: This script might help us creating something people call a "nightly build" and offering it just here - including our simple installer and updater, just as with our usual packages.

What do you think about this? Comment in our forums.

Best regards,
Lars Knickrehm

The oneye project.


#2 2013-01-18 16:28:29

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Re: New: Preview Installer Creator

Ich liebe dich big_smile

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So many are still waiting for their new beginning, even you and even me


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