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The oneye project has been discontinued. You might not expect further fixes and support from us. All community related systems are set to read-only mode. Though feel free to download and use oneye as-is or even fork it over at GitHub.

#1 2013-12-12 15:14:11

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_blank in new window oneye, not new tab

English version by Google trad (jeje)
Hello, forgive my English, I'm Spanish. First of all thank you for the support.

I'm starting with the project and now have made a connection between Oneye and a web application developed by me. When I open the options menu, web applications Oneye windows open, but I encounter a problem. I have some links to _blank and want these to me Oneye open in windows, not in a new tab like I am now. How should I? are normal html links, with "a href".

On the other hand, can you disable the right button?

A greeting and thank you very much!

Spanish version:
Hola, perdonar por mi inglés, soy español. Primero de todo dar las gracias por el soporte.

Estoy empezando con el proyecto y ahora mismo he hecho una conexión entre oneye y una aplicación web desarrollada por mi. Cuando abro diferentes opciones del menú, se abren aplicaciones web en ventanas de oneye, pero me surge un problema. Tengo algunos enlaces con _blank y quiero que estos se me abran en ventanas de oneye, no en una nueva pestaña como me pasa ahora. ¿Como debería hacerlo? son enlaces html normales, con "a href".

Por otro lado, ¿se puede desactivar el botón derecho?

Un saludo y muchas gracias!


#2 2013-12-17 13:32:49

From: near Hamburg, Germany
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Re: _blank in new window oneye, not new tab

I guess you are using an iFrame?

This works just in case both sites are using the same domain path:

You could search for all "a" elements in your web application and check them for target == "_blank". You might even use a DOM event handler to handle links dynamically. Now you do an oneye server call (using something like

sendMsg(checknum, 'linkClicked', eyeParam('url', a.href));

), sending that "href" value. On the server, just launch eyeIframize using that url as parameter:

proc('lauch', array('eyeIframize', array($params['url'][0])));

Best regards,
Lars Knickrehm

The oneye project.


#3 2013-12-18 09:10:52

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Re: _blank in new window oneye, not new tab

thank you.


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