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The oneye project has been discontinued. You might not expect further fixes and support from us. All community related systems are set to read-only mode. Though feel free to download and use oneye as-is or even fork it over at GitHub.

#1 2015-06-04 11:02:23

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Starting over again & beta testing

Yeah, I wiped everything out on both host and local and started over.  This time I did not use installer.  I don't think installer gave me most recent version.  I didn't record or analyze the results, but when I copied master on top of my local install of 0.9.5/6, I got around 1,000 files with different sizes.  Just to be absolutely sure I have the latest and greatest this time, I grabbed the zip from github and unpacked it into both local and hosted. I did not attempt to rename system to system_xxxxxxx.

I am considering "eyeDeveloper" to be, at the least, a semi-official part of the system, so it is going in first again. 

Next, there is an app called eyeDoc, which though out of date, is a good start to documenting how to use eyeDeveloper, so it will be installed next.  I am considering changing the name of eyeDoc to eyeDocCentre to avoid confusion with eyeDock and eyeDocs.  Additionally, I would propose to put these two apps into a new category called "Development".  Something like that JS processing app may also go into that category, if it works.

Regarding the Doc Centre, I never got an answer from  sazearte regarding his version of documentation.  I asked what sort of content he was building and whether he was using the old Doc Centre interface or something else.  It matters because the Doc Centre interface works very well, and the files would form a very helpful programmer's reference if the missing and out of date portions were corrected.  I was going to take a day or two and (at least make an effort to) edit the xml portion of eyeDocCentre to reflect some of the changes that I am aware of, but Lars or other programmers who are intimately familiar with the "API" would have to be a final judge on the accuracy of its contents.

EyeDocCentre will need a little tweak.  I noticed yesterday that the process stays running (shows in process manager) after being closed/ended.  I thought this might be to keep from opening the docs multiple times, but multiple opens = multiple processes left running.  Hopefully, that's as easy of a fix as it sounds, but I haven't looked at it yet.

Assuming some success on editing eyeDocCentre, I would then consider eyeWelcome as the next thing to install.  It's an app that runs when a new user logs in the first time and provides some helpful information to get started using the system. It's not bad but needs some updated images, texts and titles.   Maybe  I could add an extra page or two that could be customized by the system admin.  There is also a French language version of this app. 

So far, other than a few games that rely on java and flash, I haven't found any other useful, fully working apps.  I found several that might work and be useful after some tweaking of the code.  I was hoping that eyeShop (a store module) would work, but it didn't even open an interface.

I am fairly certain that, with a little effort, zoho could be a complete replacement for oneye's office suite.  It used to be able to integrate with eyeos' file system and read eyeos' formats.  I don't know if those features are still possible, but even without them, the suite is quite good.  If you can get unoconv to work, lucky for you, but I can't, and office functionality is a feature I really need and expected.  Currently, I have a handful of disconnected, but relatively well-behaved links for zoho.  I could start using zoho now with oneye by using the links, but without an app to tie them together, they are not "ready-for-primetime".

I could not get either of the old youtube apps to work, but I did figure out how to play youtube videos from within oneye using youtube's embedded video feature. I know it works, but like zoho, I don't know how to make an app for it.  Nor could I get FaceBook chat to work.  I had high hopes for that too.

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