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#1 2015-11-17 10:37:45

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eyeVideo black window

I can not start a video with Video eye, I have every time a window Nour.

I tried several formats (mp4, avi etc ...)

The program seems to work with a Windows server, but not with a Linux server why?


#2 2015-11-17 23:43:33

Registered: 2015-05-12
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Re: eyeVideo black window

Site5 is using (old) CentOS 5.5 server, and my localhost is windows/IIS10.  eyeVideo works with both servers, but I think it only plays mp4.  The "powers that be the internet" are quickly killing all the other formats that they can. I'm not sure why other web native formats (webm and ogv) won't play in eyeVideo. However, I had this similar problem (illustrated in facebook) a couple months ago. There was an update to the github master that fixed it for me. I just discussed playing other videos formats, like avi, mov and wmv, on fb today. The only option for many video formats now is to open them in either eyeNav or a popup window and let the bowser handle it with plugins or third party apps. In the worse case scenario using this method, the browser will simply download it. For some reason they will not play in eyeIframize, but will play in eyeNav set to default iframe mode.

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