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#1 2015-09-04 17:04:27

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List function for eyeConsole

I have gotten rather used to using eyeConsole to run commands, but sometimes I forget a name of the app I want or how to spell it. So I had this idea for a function to be added to the eyeConsole app that would report the names of all the apps installed on the system. All it would have to do in its most basic form is report the names of each folder in the apps directory.  The output data should stay inside the eyeConsole window if at all possible, rather than open it's own window.  It sounds rather easy as long as there's a way to read and regurgitate a directory structure full of folders.

Maybe a more advanced version could also report any sub commands an app might have, for instance: "eyeApps (Widgets, ...)", divulge whether an app can accept an argument or not, for example: "eyeIframize [address]", echo the tags from the info.xml file (author, description, license, etc).

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