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#1 2015-11-23 20:45:19

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Browser extension

I was playing around last night and found some extensions for Chrome and Firefox that are useful to oneye.  Chrome extensions also work for Opera if you first install "Chrome Extensions for Opera" Extension.

The first is "Office Online" extension.  In Chrome and Opera this is a single extension which connects you to your onedrive files and opens them in your browser.  In Firefox, there are actually two similar extensions.

The second extension is even more helpful.  It is called "ieTab".  It runs the internet explorer engine inside your browser.  It will not load into a frame but you can specify certain files to always open using the extension.  So if I have a command like - … Nagare.wmv

EyeBrowse is a new app I wrote to open links in a popup window.  Opera won't play the wmv video, so I tell it to always open in "ieTab".  The popup window then opens running the extension and the video plays in Windows Media Player.  In addition, this extension allows a doc file from onedrive to be loaded into an older version of MS OFfice. I still have office2000, for instance.

There are at least 2 extensions similar to "ieTab" for Firefox also.

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