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The oneye project has been discontinued. You might not expect further fixes and support from us. All community related systems are set to read-only mode. Though feel free to download and use oneye as-is or even fork it over at GitHub.

#1 Re: Development » MySQL integration > HOWTO's » 2012-12-12 18:10:31

Dear s0600204,
it's been a long time since I last contributed to oneye, due to my business (meaning just "being busy" doing things, not "making money", unfortunately tongue ) and I still don't have the time to evaluate this modifications and contribute, for the moment. But I just wanted to write this short message to congratulate with you for all your efforts about this implementation and all the other oneye contributions you're making (sometimes I come and read some forum pages).
Hoping to come back again in the future to give my contribution too, I thank you (and of course Lars and the other developers) for continuing developing this amazing webos!
Have a nice day!

#2 Re: Help & Support » Guide to setting up ACLs » 2012-05-23 12:49:49

Grazie mille, fasenderos!
I've just added it to the main article on the website, so that everyone can use it! … oneye-0-8/

#3 Re: Community » Help needed: wiki documentation » 2012-04-26 14:01:52

Thanks Syrion!
As I privately told Lars, we need to have a mirror of online as soon as possible, since it is the most complete documentation available for the moment. I tried to build one, but I figured out that eyePlanet is broken and does not work, so probably was patched in some way. Lars told me that he has already written to the guys who managed it.
If we succeed in having it online, maybe we could improve it instead of building a brand new wiki engine. That documentation is very practical to use and just need to be updated, IMHO...

PS = Thanks Syrion for the bug report, I've already banned that spambot ;-)

#4 Re: Community » Idea: Converting oneye into an iOS app » 2012-03-14 01:00:15

I vote for after :)

SURVEY STATUS [4 votes]:
AFTER: ===|

Please vote guys :)
Lars is free to edit my post with survey updates ;)

#6 Re: Community » Idea: Converting oneye into an iOS app » 2012-03-12 11:26:26

Hi all,
very sorry for being so absent in these days, I'm insanely busy....
Please note that the white shadow is added by iOS. To avoid it, you just have to replace the "apple-touch-icon" string in metatags with "apple-touch-icon-precomposed":

<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />
<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style" content="black-translucent" />
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" href="touch-icon-iphone.png" />
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="72x72" href="touch-icon-ipad.png" />
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="114x114" href="touch-icon-iphone4.png" />

I hope I will find more free time soon, guys!

#7 Re: Help & Support » Guide to setting up ACLs » 2012-03-04 23:44:39

Just updated the article on oneye's main site: French translation added! Thanks Sable! … oneye-0-8/

#8 Re: Help & Support » Guide to setting up ACLs » 2012-02-28 15:23:11

Hey Lars,
I've already uploaded it to the oneye server, you can find the link on the article! wink

#9 Re: Help & Support » Guide to setting up ACLs » 2012-02-28 01:31:26

Great job, s0600204!
I've just published your guide on the oneye main website: … oneye-0-8/ smile
If you modify your tutorial in the future, please post it here: I will update the article too wink

#10 Re: Help & Support » Oneye in Ubuntu 11.10 » 2012-02-26 23:36:58

Hi redfan9,

redfan9 wrote:

1. installation documentation that i could use to install oneye in my new ubuntu 10.11 system.

Just set up a normal LAMP environment, with reasonable php.ini settings (so adjust the max memory, max upload file and max post request, according to the size of the files you want to be able to upload). Latest Apache and PHP version are 100% compatible with oneye 0.8.

redfan9 wrote:

2. the new ubuntu is using LibreOffice, is that would be a problem with the oneye's office support? if it yes, any solution to make it works?

You can try and see which commands changed and adjust the code....or install openoffice2 in a different directory, so you can use LibreOffice for your own purposes and OpenOffice2 for oneye wink (this seems to be the fastest way to have a working office support, I guess!)

#11 Re: Community » Idea: Converting oneye into an iOS app » 2012-02-26 18:37:55

The status bar should be "black-translucent", as it is currently (this hides the address bar in Safari and makes oneye fullscreen).
As per the other tags, I'm just thinking that it could be a good idea to store the icons into /extern/eyeX/themes/themename/images/apple-touch-icons/ and request them via the extern service, by setting the tags you mentioned

#12 Re: Community » Idea: Converting oneye into an iOS app » 2012-02-26 18:25:19

Many thanks, Sable!
I compressed them with optipng (from 84,5 KB total to 36,2 KB without losing any quality....I love optipng!) and committed to SVN 7364! wink
(I haven't tested how they look in iOS, please somebody tell us if they look good smile )

#13 Re: Community » Idea: Converting oneye into an iOS app » 2012-02-26 03:47:34

No, we don't need that tag.
We just need to place three oneye logos in the root and iOS will find them by itself when "Add to Home" is requested in Safari. The logos must be PNG and must have a background color (so not transparent, otherwise they will display ugly). They must have these names (and obviously have the pixel size mentioned in the name):
iOS will pick the more adequate, based on the resolution and dpi of its screen (so this makes it compatible with iPhone3, iPhone4, iPad, etc...).
Anyone has some time to create them? smile

#14 Re: Bug Reports » Addon ? Filesharing via URL for Oneye » 2012-02-22 02:48:31

lars-sh wrote:

Forcing to set a password sounds sad to me. What about using the HTTP header "X-Robots-Tag" instead?

Honestly I didn't even know about that header. I definitely like your idea smile

lars-sh wrote:

That's really a quite good idea: There's already an application, called "eyeShare", that's just copying files and folders into a group. What about improving its UI to support both, group sharing and url sharing?!

Well...sadly eyeShare does not work at all when using the real VFS. So I would suggest writing a brand new application dedicated to URL sharing, working on both virtual and real VFS. Maybe I'll write the eyeShare support for real VFS sometimes in the future, but it's not gonna happen soon smile

lars-sh wrote:

It'd be even better if eyeVisor, eyeImages, eyePdf, ... can be used to view those documents. Then a simplified form of eyeFiles could be used for those folders. I'm going to think about how we could introduce this. Maybe using a special (and hidden) "sharing" user - or even a lot deeper from inside the applications / system...

I don't think that we need such a complex implementation. The majority of people will be using it to share single files, like PDF or Office files, which can be just downloaded and viewed with the device's default viewer. But that's just my opinion smile

#15 Re: Bug Reports » Addon ? Filesharing via URL for Oneye » 2012-02-22 02:19:08

Oh, ok, because by reading "I'm happy to see the option" I thought that he had really seen it in oneye 0.8! neutral
Yes, it would be a great feature!
I think that there is a structural threat in this mechanism: many users use Google Chrome or use other browsers but write URLs in the search bar instead of the URL bar (it does not make sense, but I know tens of people who do that). When search engines receives new URLs, they add it to their index. Of course, 99% of the users does not think about this problem, so they could think "ok, this is a secret URL, so the file is secure and only my customers will know it, even if I do not add a password". Wrong!
So I think that we should force users to set a password.
If you write the sharing engine, I can take care of the UI to manage this (a new program "eyeShareURL", called by an eyeFiles button an by files and folders context menus), but since I'm very busy this month, I will be able to do it only the next month.
It would be very cool if it were possible to share a whole folder too (something like, instead of downloading a single file, the user is shown an index page with links on all the files of the folder...there is plenty of ready-to-use PHP indexers...of course, we have to seriously think about security when we do this). But maybe we could implement this as a step #2 when simple file sharing will be stable enough. Just keep in mind that such a functionality could be added in the future while you code the sharing engine ;-)

#16 Re: Bug Reports » Addon ? Filesharing via URL for Oneye » 2012-02-21 04:27:18

Welcome, Chris...where did you see such an option? O_o

#17 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED] More bugs in ACLs... » 2012-02-03 16:28:17

Great job!!!
I've already sticked that topic. I've fastly read it, and it seems really well made! When you make the final version (or if you find out that the draft is good enough to become the final version), please tell me: I'll create an article on the main site and attach the file!

#18 Re: Community » Answering delay » 2012-02-03 03:01:31

For me it's the same....luckily this evening I've found an hour to reply to some topics smile
I was very happy to see some new active users on the forum! Welcome you all!!! smile

#19 Re: Community » I made a post about oneye! » 2012-02-03 02:59:05

Many thanks for the post espectalll123!!!
By the way, I read some articles on your site (Italian is quite similar to Spanish, so I understand almost everything wink )...great articles, man! Also, the Chrome OS based on Suse seems interesting smile

#20 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED] ACL proc:launch restriction vs. eyeX » 2012-02-03 02:52:16

Very interesting, great analysis!!!
I absolutely agree: we need to improve this mechanism.
But we have to wait for Lars, because he has known the eyeOS architecture since the first versions, so maybe he knows something about this structure which we are ignoring (and I don't want to break the code smile )...
What do you think, Lars?

#21 Re: Bug Reports » [FIXED] More bugs in ACLs... » 2012-02-03 02:29:03

s0600204, great job!
I'm going to review your bugfixes and commit them to SVN ;-)

Hey Lars, what about giving s0600204 an SVN account? smile

[EDIT]Bugfixes committed to SVN 7340. Many thanks!!![/EDIT]

PS = I'm sure that an howto would be greatly appreciated by a lot of users!!! As soon as you write it, please tell me here, so I will make that howto a sticky topic! (if you reply in this topic, I'll get an automatic email since I'm watching it, so I'll immediately have a look at it)

#22 Re: Help & Support » Iphone, Mobile access and files » 2012-02-03 02:25:38

You're perfectly right.
Actually, until Apple removes this limitation (mmm...will they ever do this?), the only way you have to upload/download file is with a browser called "Webuploader", which you can find on the App store (I've read this, I've never tested it and I don't know if it's free or not....just have a look in case you're interested ;-)

#23 Re: Help & Support » Web Browser Issue » 2012-02-03 02:22:52

Hey Guys,
some tips about the oneye browser.
As you've just learned, there are 2 different browsing modes: iFrame and eyeNavProxy.
The first one just creates and iFrame, so it's always your computer which communicates with the target server (let's say This used to work perfectly in the past, but now a lot of websites (like Google and Facebook) implements an iFrame-blocker: they don't want their site (or part of that) to be browsed in some third party sites' window, they just want you to open their URL in a dedicated browser tab. That's the reason why the iFrame plugin does not work on some sites!
The eyeNavProxy is very different: all the data is forwarded to the server hosting the oneye system and then routed to the target server ( Then the answers are sent from to the oneye server, which routes them back to your browser. You have some benefits and some disadvantages with this plugin:

  • PRO: you can browse almost every website and iframe blockers have no effect

  • CONS: all your traffic is routed through the oneye server... So if you have are an oneye server owner and you have a lot of users, be careful, because your users could eat a lot of your server's bandwidth!

  • CONS: if you are an oneye user and you are not the owner of the oneye server, you have to trust the owner: all your browsing data could be sniffed on the server if the owner is a bad person and has written a modified version of the plugin

  • CONS: the eyeNavProxy was a great start, but unfortunately has never been completed, so it has some bugs

#24 Re: Help & Support » Apple devices and Oneye » 2012-01-24 23:43:26

Guys....YOU'RE NOT GONNA BELIEVE ME, BUT... Here I copy/paste from the Apple official developer documentation:

File uploads and downloads
Safari on iOS does not support file uploading, that is, <input type="file"> elements. If your webpage includes an input-file control, Safari on iOS disables it.
Because iOS does not support file downloads, do not prompt the user to download plug-ins like Flash on iOS. See “Using the Safari User Agent String” for how to detect Safari on iOS.

Yes, you're right, even in iOS 5, Safari DOES NOT SUPPORT UPLOADS NOR DOWNLOADS!!!!

In fact, I've just tested the Valums file uploader demo...and it does not work on the iPad...that's crazy... Apple does not want webapps to be too good, otherwise they would not make enough money with their Apple Store...

The only solution is to download a different browser (there is "Webuploader" on the App Store, which kind of unlocks the upload buttons, but I haven't tested it)...
Sorry for the bad news, guys...

#25 Re: Help & Support » eyePDF, eyePresentation. » 2012-01-24 23:35:49

Here you are wink
Unfortunately Office support is old and requires OpenOffice 2.4...

[EDIT]More info here: [/EDIT]

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