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The oneye project has been discontinued. You might not expect further fixes and support from us. All community related systems are set to read-only mode. Though feel free to download and use oneye as-is or even fork it over at GitHub.

#1 2012-06-13 17:44:49

From: near Hamburg, Germany
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[FIXED] Undefined constant: ACL

Hi s06,

I just got an error in the ACL code: "Undefined constant". In apps/eyeControl/default/eyeACL.eyecode you use the constant "ACL", which is not defined.

Since I don't know what it's about, I just open this thread instead of fixing it myself. Could you take a look at it, please?

Thansk smile !

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Best regards,
Lars Knickrehm

The oneye project.


#2 2012-06-13 23:28:30

From: UK
Registered: 2012-01-22
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Re: [FIXED] Undefined constant: ACL

Hi Lars,

I've looked into it and it appears that in r.5081, way back in 2009, sibok decided to use "ACL" as a constant but didn't define it. Since then it's been used in other files by others (including myself, I'm sorry to say hmm). From what I've observed, upon encountering an undefined constant, most php installations interpret the constant name as a string, which might explain why this hasn't been picked up until now.

Anyhow, the solution is fairly simple: replacing the constant "ACL" has with the string "ACL" in the following files:

[EYEROOT]/apps/eyeControl/default/newacl.eyecode       (1 replacement)
                       ../default/newtarget.eyecode    (1 replacement)
                       ../default/eyeACL.eyecode       (2 replacements)
                       ../events/newacl.eyecode        (2 replacements)
                       ../events/newtarget.eyecode     (5 replacements)
                       ../events/eyeACL.eyecode        (1 replacement)

I've committed this change to the repository (r.7572).



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