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The oneye project has been discontinued. You might not expect further fixes and support from us. All community related systems are set to read-only mode. Though feel free to download and use oneye as-is or even fork it over at GitHub.

#1 2011-09-13 10:05:13

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Hello! Introduce yourself...


It might be a good idea to introduce yourself here a little bit.

I'm Matt and I'm following this project already a couple of years. I have looked into other ExtJS based desktops and searched a lot for good solutions like office related software, this for years.

There is actually nothing like OnEye and I'm glad this project started because I never saw what the reason was of building 2.0 and doing nothing with it. I get the feeling they want to give the WOW-effect to the world when it gets (ever) "ready". I know there will be released a new version next week, but still... I don't have a right feeling about it.

Because the 1.x versions are real extention to webbased SaaS solutions I'm here for you guys to test and develop some small things if needed.

I hope we can develop this further as development should go; think, discuss and build in a decent understandable way.

See you later here guys!




#2 2011-09-14 01:26:13

From: near Hamburg, Germany
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Re: Hello! Introduce yourself...

Hey Matt,

you're welcome smile .

As stated at you are free to improve as many things as you can.

I am personally working on a new version (oneye 0.9) with the best ideas of eyeos 1 and eyeos 2, but I'll always support people working for oneye 0.8 and if there's something reported, which can be fixed quite easily, I'll do so, too.

PS: I've an idea of what you might be interested in to be fixed: Renaming launchers does not work as expected.

Best regards,
Lars Knickrehm

The oneye project.


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